Happy Tenth Day of Christmas. Today’s recipient is the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The EFF is the most important defenders of civil liberties online. From the particular aspects of speech which show up in digital realms, to aspects of how copyright applies to digital or electronic means, to what to do about strong cryptography, there’s a whole bunch of legal problems that our existing legal structures have no idea how to deal with. The EFF was instrumental in establishing in the courts that code is speech, providing a huge win for everything from art to security research. They fought the idea (successfully) that the government could hack your computer without a warrant. They’ve worked with the ACLU to fight online censorship. And they’ve fought (again, successfully) the worst aspects of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the worst bit of IP law the US has passed.

If you care about making sure your rights are respected even when you’re in the digital world, the EFF is the strongest ally you’ve got. Consider sending them some cash if you can, or signing up for their alerts to find out more about threats to our rights online as they happen.