Happy Eighth Day of Christmas. Today’s recipient is City Fresh and the New Agrarian Center.

City Fresh is absolutely the best CSA in Northeast Ohio. They work with local farmers—all within 75 miles of downtown Cleveland—to get great tasty fruit and vegetables (and occasional other items) to several hundred shareholders. I got started with City Fresh as a shareholder because I wanted tasty food, but I’ve gotten more and more involved as a volunteer because of the social justice mission. City Fresh works to create a more just and sustainable food system. They offer at-cost shares for folks with limited incomes, are the rare CSA to take SNAP, operate on super tiny margins, and deal directly with family farms.

For kicks, a few times a year I compare what’s in our share to picking up the same produce from Giant Eagle or Whole Foods, and the full-price shares at City Fresh reliably come in well under retail costs, even if you ignore things like whether the food is local or organic or whatnot. Not to mention that for lots of items, you’re not going to get anything half as tasty when it’s been on a truck for a week.

City Fresh is also the organization I’ve spent the most time volunteering with over the last several years, and it’s a great group of people. If you care about good, local food, sustainable agriculture, or food justice, they could use your financial support, sure, but also maybe consider helping out. Or just keep them in mind when the winter wraps up, and get yourself some good veggies.