Happy 3rd Day of Christmas!

For this third day, I’m again supporting the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU remains the strongest independent legal defender of our civil rights, for nearly 100 years now. They list some highlights of their long fitht, and it’s quite impressive — and does a good job of illustrating their commitment to principle. They defend the rights of every American, even those we don’t like, but especially the most vulnerable. While they’ve been doing this work for a long time, they’ve perhaps never been more important than in the face of our current government’s attack on America. They’ve been very succesful in their figh, but could always use some help. Join through the end of the year, and your gift will be matched.

This is also the first of several donations I’ve given via Willamette Week’s Give Guide. They’ve got a collection of charities and non-profits lined up, and if you give through them they’ve got their own very generous matching program set up, also through the end of the year. There’s a heavy emphasis on Portland-area work, with a collection of national organizations mixed in. You might check them over and see if anything strikes your fancy.