Happy New Year, everyone. A brief diversion from my 12 Days thing for a fun thing someone pointed out on Twitter:

On my iPhone, the default keyboard gives you three suggestions: left, right, and center. The tone of the predictions is very different. With the center suggestions, I get:

My 2017 will be the best for you to have run away from your phone.

That seems… well, pesimistic? Or maybe it’s just a suggestion to not rely on it so much? With the left suggestions, I think my phone is straight-up calling me out:

My 2017 will be a good man and I am not sure what I am doing with my life.

Look, iPhone, we’re all just figuring it out, okay? Give me a break. The right suggestions (which is also where the emoji suggestions show up on the iPhone) is a bit more optimistic:

My 2017 will be home 🏡 I don’t want a car 🚗 and I’m sure I have not finished yet and I’m sure I will to be sure.

I’m going to read that as a hopeful prediction that I’ll finally get my house done.

Other than that, I’ve spent every day so far this year with good friends, and won every board game I’ve played all year.