Anti-Fascist Super Bowl 2018

Today, I’m combining two great American loves: the Super Bowl and fighting fascists.

This went reasonably well last year, so I’m going to give it another run. Last year, though, it involved betting on the teams, and I learned that (entirely understandably) nobody actually wants the Patriots to win. Even so, we got $170 for the ACLU, so that’s a win.

I don’t actually care much about football, and am certainly not invested in either of these teams (although I tend to pick by city, and Philly is certainly a better city than… New England? That’s not even a city.). When I watch the game, I just want exciting things to happen. And the excitement mostly builds towards scoring, so let’s go with that. Let’s bet per point.

Vegas has the Over/Under on today’s game right around 49, so if you’re in for a dollar a point, that’s your likely outlay (personally, I’m hoping for a blowout). Tell me what you’re in for, and I’ll match it. So it’s kind of like betting in that we’re rooting for the other person to be out more money and the house always wins. Let me know ahead of time if you’re in, so I can keep track of how much I’m matching. I’ll have to cap it at some point if it gets crazy, but let’s worry about that if we get there.

So: $1/point, donations to the ACLU. Who’s in?

And if you’re not up for following the game, that’s okay, too. Here, have a Superb Owl by Brad Wilson.

(Joke shamelessly stolen from

Post-game update

Well, we blew past the Vegas Over/Under, which is great. I only got two takers this year (I should probably start advertising this early than a few hours before kickoff), but we beat the dollar total from last year, with $230 going to the ACLU and $66 going to Know Your Rights Camp.

Also, New England lost, so that’s a win all around.