Celeste Octavia Luciana Sorace was born with the sunrise on September 4th, one week ago today, and I do not have the words for the light she has brought into our lives. She’s sleeping in my lap as I write this, and it’s hard to not just stare at her instead. It’s hard to do pretty much anything except pay attention to her.

She was born in a planned induction which went just about perfectly. Labor was slow, and then suddenly very fast, and then there was a brand new person in the room. She was in her mother’s arms practically before she was even finished being born. She was 6 lbs. 1 oz. — which seems just about the perfect weight for a newborn. Healthy from the start, we spent one night together in the hospital before returning to her new home together.

She is beautiful and fascinating. Her eyes are that steel blue newborn color, still waiting for whatever melanin will develop. Watching them flit from object to object as she tries to take in every new thing in her ever-expanding universe makes everything she looks at more beautiful to me. Her eyes flutter as she sleeps. She is very strong for her age, which tracks with the punches and kicks she was delivering in utero. She’s got a great grip, and feeling her grab my pinky is one of my new favorite thing (possibly all my new favorite things involve her). I think I can actually feel the flood of serotonin in my brain when I look at her.

Emma and I are doing well, aside from having our hearts stolen by a very tiny thief. The dogs have so far expressed only mild curiosity, except for Teeka, who sniffs around a lot. Hobbes appreciates how soft the bassinet and rocker are, but does not understand why we keep trying to get him out of his new favorite spots. The sheep and chickens are uninterested, but the elk have come by to say hello several times, including one with the biggest set of antlers I’ve seen in person, which I’m convinced is really Miyazaki’s Forest Spirt, come to pay his respects. As is proper.

Welcome to the world, Celeste.

This is going to be great.