I’m currently working with a company called Synchronoss. They’re US-based, with lots of international employees and a few international offices. Yesterday the HR department sent out guidance for employees on dealing with the terrible Executive Order restricting travel into the United States by people from some countries (and suspending our refugee program, although that wasn’t covered here). It was entirely logistical in nature, which isn’t terribly surprising, but also isn’t sufficient in my mind.

I sent this message back to HR, as well as the CEO, Executive Chairman, and the list for the officers of the company. If you work for a corporation, you may want to send something similar to your corporate leadership.

Thank you for offering this guidance to the company; the content and execution of the order certainly leaves a lot of uncertainty, and Iā€™m glad to see our management is paying attention to that. As a concerned American, though, I am disappointed that the I have not seen a statement from our leadership actually condemning the order. In addition to the fact that we are a US-based global company likely to be materially impacted, the order is a violation of American principles and a humanitarian disaster. I urge you to join with the many other technology leaders around the country and the world (including a decent collection of our customers) who have offered their opposition to this order.

Thank you again,
Anthony Sorace