Sunday, June 14, 2015 — 18:18

darksky – prints weather report from

darksky [ –acdhms ]

Darksky prints the weater report for the current location. Options control which sets of data are printed:
a    Explicitly mention a lack of warnings.
c    Print the current conditions and temperature.
d    Print a daily forecast for the next seven days.
h    Print an hourly forecast for the next 24 hours.
m    Print a forecase for the next 60 minutes, with a graph of upcoming precipitation.
s    For the minutely, hourly, and daily forecasts, print only the brief summary line.
Options can be combined arbitarially. If no options are given, darksky will print the current conditions, the forecast for the upcoming hour, and the upcoming week. If any weather alerts are in effect, they will be printed. The –a flag allows darksky to check only for such alerts.
Darksky uses webfs(4) to connect to the server; it must be mounted on /mnt/web beforehand.

Check the current conditions and the next hour:
: ; darksky –cm
Conditions as of Sun Jun 14 17:12:52 EDT 2015
Mostly Cloudy, 77.21°
Forecast for the next hour:
Mostly cloudy for the hour.

Get an overview of the next week:
: ; darksky –scmhd
Conditions as of Sun Jun 14 17:15:09 EDT 2015
Mostly Cloudy, 77.2°
Mostly cloudy for the hour.
Light rain throughout the day.
Rain throughout the week, with temperatures bottoming out at 74°F on Tuesday.

$home/lib/darksky   API key from
/lib/sky/here       location as latitude (N), longitude (W), and elevation (meters)


webfs(4), weather(1),,

We rely on to guess the proper units to use for your location.