I’m a mutant.

We figured this out when things started going south with Orion. They did a bunch of genetic tests on him to see if anything was going on there. They found a mutation that ended up being irrelevant to him, but that he got from me. While the fact that I survived to adulthood pretty much ruled out it having negative impact on his development, the medical team did a bunch of research to find out what the implications of this particular mutation are. There is literally no record of this mutation in the medical literature.

I’m still exploring the full extent of my mutant powers.

The other day, I was talking to Celeste and explaining that we don’t know whether she inherited my mutation or not, but that’s okay: superheroes can get their powers in all sorts of ways. Like Captain America, for example, who’s abilities (other than his main one) came from when he participated in a research project involving experimental use of a serum… just like she did. And actually, Steve Rogers got his while he was already an adult an she got hers in utero, and he only got one treatment while she got several, so we might expect the effect to be even stronger in her.

Today in the car, Emma was talking about how she was reviewing what little data there is on long-term effects of this particular serum. It’s too early for good statistical data, just isolated case reports. I pointed out to Emma that the government would presumably be suppressing any case reports involving the manifestation of super powers, so that wasn’t really indicative.

Emma groaned and rolled her eyes.

Celeste may have laughed.