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	Started writing something from scratch yesterday using thread(3) and wow do I miss writing in Limbo instead. :-/ #plan9

Plan 9 Foundation; 9srv.net; KaleChips; RFC 1288 update ✌︎

	Over the next month or so, I'm going to try to revisit
	Eric Van Hensbergen's "warren" program.  I think I've
	got the right functional split for an initial round,
	with functionality split between a per-user "burrow"
	program that offers the functionality targeted at that
	user, and a "warren" program that provides the UI and
	the interface to all active users.  I suspect
	longer-term I'm going to need something in the middle
	to manage who's active, but this'll do for now.  I'm
	going to get the "warren" part running today.

	I'm also behind on a little KaleChips work due to a
	remarkably unproductive week last week.  Two tickets
	I'd like to get done today.

☐	Make "warren" run.
☐	Do the mock-up script to make warren think it has users.
☐	KaleChips: make a "delivery" report.
☐	KaleChips: make share contents sort by quantity.