magicclock – display a letter block highlighting the current time

magicclock [ –c ]

Magicclock will display a grid of letters, with words corresponding to the approximate time highlighted. By default, magicclock will update the display as the time progresses; when invoked with –t, it will instead display the time at that number of seconds since the epoch. This is mostly used for testing.
Magicclock runs both on Plan 9 and on Unix, using plan9port, Under unix it will use fontsrv(4) to use a nicer system font. It detects unix by looking for the service environment variable either being blank or set to unix.



marquee(1), magicclock(1), wordwrap(2)

It should be possible to set the color and possibly the margin (at least when not under –c).
The Plan 9 fonts shipped with the system don't include many large monospaced fonts. You may want to import some fonts when running on Plan 9.