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2022-01-22T13:25:33Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
New darchness coloursceme ![](https://darch.dk/twtxt/2022-01-22_screenshot-2022-01-22-at-14.24.09.png)
2022-01-22T12:48:04Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
testing public path copy/pasted from code: ![](https://darch.dk/twtxt/2022-01-22_screenshot-2022-01-22-at-12.43.05.png)
2022-01-22T12:14:40Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
More #pixelblog'ing - today wotking on fixing all the semi-hardcoded paths an moving them to config.php ![](https://darch.dk/twtxt/2022-01-22_screenshot-2022-01-22-at-13.14.04.png)
2022-01-21T22:26:24Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
#pixelblog is slowly coming together with support for posting images and simple theming ![grid](https://darch.dk/twtxt/2022-01-21_screenshot-2022-01-21-at-23.19.41.png)![](https://darch.dk/twtxt/2022-01-21_screenshot-2022-01-21-at-23.16.33.png) ![](https://darch.dk/twtxt/2022-01-21_screenshot-2022-01-21-at-23.15.59.png)
2022-01-18T20:28:56Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
Gallery render from twtxt.txt is now working and here are some random images in a ![grid](http://darch.dk/twtxt/2022-01-18_what-is-live-coding.jpg) ![](http://darch.dk/twtxt/2022-01-18_what-is-live-coding.jpg) ![](http://darch.dk/twtxt/2022-01-18_what-is-live-coding.jpg) ![](http://darch.dk/twtxt/2022-01-18_what-is-live-coding.jpg)
2022-01-18T02:03:42-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
I have only just discovered this and need to dig in more, but so far it looks like a really nice reference for electronics pinouts: https://pinouts.org/
2022-01-17T14:07:39-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#trfdoxq)
Okay, I've updated my examples page and shared the more complex ssh example. http://a.9srv.net/shortcuts
2022-01-17T08:35:38-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#trfdoxq)
iOS has had a "Shortcuts" app for a while now which is very useful for scripting things on the device, and at some point grew the ability to run things via ssh, including piping input/output. It's how I've done twtxt from my phone for a while now. I'll clean up these two examples and post to the examples I've shared. http://a.9srv.net/shortcuts
2022-01-16T22:58:28-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Only 1 day of activity so far, but I've started a new project log for whatever the heck I end up doing to this Monroe 425 I got. http://a.9srv.net/monroe425
2022-01-16T22:53:08-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
About two years late, but I finally finished setting up an iOS Shortcut so I can post to my blog via ssh. http://a.9srv.net/b/
2022-01-12T15:21:22-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Anyone seen a pixel-addressed display (any tech; lcd, eink, oled, whatever) in the range of 8"x1"?
2022-01-09T22:03:47-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#ppt5eja)
I think y'all are missing something. I never used ftp as a schema; I'm saying the "ftp" hostname part with the "http" schema is amusing.
2022-01-09T16:21:07-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#ppt5eja)
Check the raw file. ;-) Yes, "http colon slash slash ftp".
2022-01-08T22:33:49-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#ppt5eja)
I'm not sure! It feels similar to seeing "~username" in a URL. Part nostalgia, part... impressed at the persistence?
2022-01-08T21:57:30-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Seeing "http://ftp" in a URL makes me happy.
2022-01-01T22:08:07-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Nominally, my seen/read list for 2021, but I missed a *lot* of short readings. I may try to write more about these things this year. http://a.9srv.net/media/2021
2021-12-30T13:29:47-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Web3 being "democratic" makes perfect sense if you can't tell the difference between a dollar and a person.
2021-12-30T13:28:24-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
I just went to type the phrase "I avoid Linux like the plague" but then remembered that we've all learned that most people won't actually go much out of their way to avoid the plague.
2021-12-25T23:12:58-08:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Running untrusted apps more flexibly and simply: https://archive.org/details/akkartik-teliva-2021-12-25 (video; 2 minutes)
2021-12-23T10:14:00Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt — (#5iafjwa)
Thank you @ - yeah they are kinda crazy color wheels
2021-12-23T00:12:05Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
#improviz #paintOver #randomColors ![grid](http://darch.dk/twtxt/2021-12-23_paintover_green.png)![](http://darch.dk/twtxt/2021-12-23_paintover_mix.png)![](http://darch.dk/twtxt/2021-12-23_paintover_orange.png)![](http://darch.dk/twtxt/2021-12-23_paintover_pink.png)![](http://darch.dk/twtxt/2021-12-23_paintover_red.png)![](http://darch.dk/twtxt/2021-12-23_paintover_yellow.png)
2021-12-22T01:14:48-08:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Building links in a Gemini browser app -- from within the app: https://merveilles.town/@akkartik/107489728557201145
2021-12-16T11:57:07-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
As a postmaster, Gmail remains the most irritating domain to send to. Soooo many false spam hits, such little information provided, so many hoops to jump through.
2021-12-13T15:18:12-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#fx74tha)
Agreed on "aggressive" — as a general rule, I don't think most folks are acting like we're in the kind of crisis we are.
2021-12-13T15:03:53-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#fx74tha)
There's still an editing/proofreading pass to do before it becomes official, but the content is done.
2021-12-13T15:02:43-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#fx74tha)
It's the (roughly) bi-annual platform convention. I think the new platform does a good job of holding to progressive values (even if I wish it went farther in places). I got an amendment in to improve our stance on encryption-related issues, which was nice.
2021-12-13T08:20:55-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Spent the weekend with the state Democrats at our platform convention. Good work and glad to have participated, but 20 hours of zoom over 60 hours is a lot of zoom.
2021-12-09T11:02:35-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Killing time in Goodwill, I picked up a desk calculator from a pile. Dude standing next to me goes "what's that for?". 😳💀
2021-12-08T17:12:28-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#wkul3na)
This pi will now boot directly to ed if the gpio pin is grounded at boot time. ed(1)term v1. :-) http://txtpunk.com/edterm/
2021-12-08T13:05:08-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#wkul3na)
I am not launching it with a specific file right now, but I'll likely have it default to my daily work log shortly.
2021-12-08T11:51:31-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#wkul3na)
@lyse This was basically a trial/proof-of-concept for the real goal: a switch which, if on at boot time, causes the pi to boot straight to ed.
2021-12-08T11:50:22-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#wkul3na)
@lyse ed(1) is the standard editor. ;-)
2021-12-08T00:02:02-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#wkul3na)
I made a gpio button on my raspberry pi which opens a new window running ed. I screwed up while testing it and launched maaaaany ed windows.
2021-12-07T20:09:21-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
I fork bombed my computer! With ed(1)!!! Haven't done that in a while.
2021-12-03T15:53:49Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
Thanks to @ and @ for havning me today at AAU CPH🙏 Presentation notes can be found at: http://darch.dk/aau-tool-talk/
2021-12-03T09:44:56Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
2021-12-02T03:12:27-08:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Review Jam, day 2: try a short task in Teliva. https://buttondown.email/reviewjam/archive/advent-of-foc-day-2-brutalist-convivial-computing
2021-12-01T19:20:51Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
Oh yeah it f!!cks up the render of ...
2021-12-01T19:16:54Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
how it it with bare URLs in https://github.com/sorenpeter/phpub2twtxt ?
2021-11-30T19:30:29-08:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Preparing for Advent of Code in Teliva: https://archive.org/details/akkartik-teliva-2021-11-30 (video; 15 minutes)
2021-11-29T14:24:29-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
A 556 IC is functionally the same as two 555 ICs, but I've decided the 555 is better because search engines don't confuse it for ammunition as much.
2021-11-22T09:39:44-08:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
A chess viewer in Teliva, demonstrating networking capabilities: https://merveilles.town/@akkartik/107319684018301051
2021-11-18T09:11:19-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#wqrpbyq)
Uh, I think you are taking every line of that *way* too seriously.
2021-11-17T20:09:19-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#wqrpbyq)
Hah. It's an edit of a "be gay do crimes" meme, in response to this: https://twitter.com/Cor3ntin/status/1460614695564496901
2021-11-17T14:41:49-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Use C do crime! https://cdn.masto.host/pdxsocial/media_attachments/files/107/294/565/215/390/680/original/1d29c85c0aa4c9a5.png
2021-11-14T15:50:46-08:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
@prologic Sorry I only just saw your note from almost a year ago: http://twtxt.xyz/update/21b5925b16b9a793
2021-11-14T14:35:40-08:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
2-minute video: https://archive.org/details/akkartik-2021-11-14
2021-11-14T14:35:24-08:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
End-user programming: modify apps while running them. https://github.com/akkartik/teliva
2021-11-10T13:42:48-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
💉3️⃣✅ Thank you, Dolly Parton!
2021-11-04T12:16:06-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#uzrhtoq)
National Novel Writing Month; see https://nanowrimo.org/
2021-11-01T21:47:17-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
I want NaNoWriMo but for tech writing.
2021-11-01T19:34:20Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt — (#cyktrfq)
reply to test
2021-10-26T21:57:06-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#j4xqvna)
Oh, me too: FreeBSD, macOS, and Solaris in server environments extensively, and Linux, AIX, HP/UX, Irix, probably others I'm forgetting. Plan 9 is a whole other class of thing.
2021-10-26T21:20:23-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#j4xqvna)
Lots of downsides, too, but overall I still find it the most comfortable environment for anything that doesn't need a web browser. :-)
2021-10-26T21:17:29-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#j4xqvna)
Lots. 🤣 The system is small, coherent, and understandable in a way no modern unix is. The namespace operations remain incredibly powerful. And several of the tools built on it, like the way network listeners and the mail server are built, are just much nicer to use, modify, and build on.
2021-10-26T12:40:41-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Dug out my old usb audio device and now my Plan 9 raspberry pi can play music. 💯
2021-10-16T09:12:46-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
This week I turned 16,000 days old.
2021-10-01T07:38:52Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
Tomorrow, Saturday October 2nd, I'm gonna be hosting a workshop at Processing Community Day CPH about Live Coding Visuals in Improviz. Only 5 spots left, so sign up now at: [https://pcdcph.com](https://pcdcph.com) ![](http://algorave.dk/hybrid-48timer/PEV05029.jpg)
2021-09-23T00:28:17-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#m6fesrq)
To be clear, it isn't that it doesn't provide a valuable service; it's just that there are more convenient ways of doing it. But screw convenience!
2021-09-23T00:16:15-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#m6fesrq)
Yup, and my answer's the same: very little. But it's fun! Have fun with computers!
2021-09-22T17:43:56-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#m6fesrq)
It seems like something *especially* all the tilde-inspired things should have on.
2021-09-22T17:34:57-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#m6fesrq)
You need better pen test scripts. :-) Seriously, the protocol is absurdly simple. Turn it on! Don't trust any of the implementations? Write your own!
2021-09-22T10:20:21-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
@ I like your website's look, but i was disappointed to find that 'finger' doesn't seem to actually work. ;-)
2021-09-22T10:16:13-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#k2d5k6a)
I think I was some many years ago? They are neat and so some good stuff.
2021-09-18T14:39:00-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Based on spam logs, I am (again) considering banning a bunch of TLDs at the server level. Has anyone ever gotten legitimate email from a .work, .casa, or .today domain, for example?
2021-09-10T06:32:04-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#zizoxoa)
His argument hung on Soviet-era experiments with centrally-planned farming. 🙄 The man did not seem well.
2021-09-09T21:27:54-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
I was on a call this evening discussing various redistricting proposals. Some dude seriously asserted that over-representation by Multnomah county in regional politics might lead to... *genocide*. 😳
2021-08-31T09:26:53-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
“I’m afraid I don’t have time at the moment to defend positions you’ve made up for me. Have a nice day.”
2021-08-22T17:24:07-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Yesterday's surprising find: a little Gochu Jang (~tsp) does a nice job of improving uninspiring Italian tomato sauce. Nothing dramatic, but good.
2021-08-19T09:35:00Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
#processing #moire #RGB #midi #creativecoding #videoart ![grid](http://darch.dk/twtxt/RGBanan_20210818_204654.jpg) ![](http://darch.dk/twtxt/RGBanan_20210818_212000.jpg) ![](http://darch.dk/twtxt/RGBanan_20210818_212006.jpg) ![](http://darch.dk/twtxt/RGBanan_20210818_212028.jpg)
2021-08-15T23:31:06-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
A network-less, read-only browser built up from machine code: https://archive.org/details/akkartik-mu-2021-08-15
2021-07-31T07:12:22-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#3qbo22q)
Whole lot of false statements here. The vaccines are well-tested & well-studied, and are safe and effective. Breakthrough cases exist with every vaccine. If you are able and the vaccine is approved for you, choosing not to get it puts everyone around you at risk, including risk of additional variants developing.
2021-07-30T21:57:33-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Get vaccinated if you are able. At this point, if you are able and choosing not to, you are being incredibly selfish, full stop.
2021-07-30T13:26:11-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Rendering arbitrary images on the 256-color Mu computer: https://merveilles.town/@akkartik/106671394323266954
2021-07-29T15:00:00Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
Upcoming Workshop / [algolab: Music and Live Coding @ CPH Music Maker Space](http://algorave.dk/musicmakerspace/#algolab6) / [facebook event](https://www.facebook.com/events/543980796625853) ![](http://algorave.dk/musicmakerspace/terminal_PEV05292.JPG)
2021-07-15T13:00:00Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
Upcoming Workshop / [algolab: Visuals and Live Coding @ CPH Music Maker Space](http://algorave.dk/musicmakerspace/) / [facebook event](https://www.facebook.com/events/319557353174855) ![](http://algorave.dk/musicmakerspace/improviz-shader-2021-05-10_paintOver.png)
2021-07-09T13:13:42-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#2gpk2ma)
Well I'm happy to accept patches to linebanner if you'd like to add characters. :-) http://txtpunk.com/banner/index.html
2021-07-08T23:15:55-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#2gpk2ma)
"ç", I think. Anything above 7-bit ASCII would've done it, though.
2021-07-07T22:29:13-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#2gpk2ma)
And yes, I was able to reproduce the "test" input. It wasn't a complicated test, she just beat me to it.
2021-07-07T07:32:01-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#gjjwa6q)
Move your code. Copilot is just one more reason. I maintain an account to work with other projects, but won't host my stuff there.
2021-07-07T07:28:37-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#2gpk2ma)
It did! And I fixed the bug last night. And now I'm curious how your pod deals with spam. 👆🏼
2021-07-06T22:45:22-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
My kid just uncovered a bug in a program I wrote by grabbing my laptop and smacking the keyboard a bunch. Biological input fuzzing; a real-life chaos monkey.
2021-07-05T07:52:42-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#bwtffpa)
No, I'm still doing them manually. 🤣🤦🏻 But I do think they are a good idea and will be adding them, I just haven't gotten around to finding a compatible implementation of the hash yet.
2021-07-05T02:09:39-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#bwtffpa)
I feel like this could be borderline useful if I stuck a web UI on it. 🤔
2021-07-05T02:06:56-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#bwtffpa)
Cleaned up a bit, with installation instructions for Plan 9 and p9p, tiny character tweaks, and a change log.
2021-07-03T14:44:18-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
I wrote a 'banner'-like program for Plan 9 (and p9p) that uses the Unicode box drawing characters: http://txtpunk.com/banner/index.html
2021-06-29T23:07:27-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#dzmkf4a)
Potentially. What environment/language(s) are you working in? I'd dump fuse for 9p, personally :-)
2021-06-29T22:18:04-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
As of about an hour ago, I'm the chair of the Columbia County Democrats. 😳🎉😱
2021-06-27T14:39:49-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#dzmkf4a)
Yeah, what'd you have in mind?
2021-06-26T17:56:43Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
fixing timezone to sommertime (CEST did not work, so now i try EU/CPH)
2021-06-26T17:45:23Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
fixing timezone to sommertime
2021-06-26T17:20:37Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
#tag and text first ![grid](http://darch.dk/twtxt/improviz-2021-06-14.png) ![http://darch.dk/twtxt/improviz-2021-06-14.png](http://darch.dk/twtxt/improviz-2021-06-14.png) ![http://darch.dk/twtxt/improviz-2021-06-14.png](http://darch.dk/twtxt/improviz-2021-06-14.png)
2021-06-26T17:19:40Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
![http://darch.dk/twtxt/improviz-2021-06-14.png](http://darch.dk/twtxt/improviz-2021-06-14.png) ![http://darch.dk/twtxt/improviz-2021-06-14.png](http://darch.dk/twtxt/improviz-2021-06-14.png) and the some text and a #tag
2021-06-23T21:56:46-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Syntax sugar in the Mu shell: https://archive.org/details/akkartik-mu-2021-06-23
2021-06-21T22:08:52-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Today I swapped out our water heater for a new hybrid one. It took twice as long as it should have and 3 extra trips to the hardware store, but it doesn't seem to be leaking and is producing hot water, so 🎉🎊🎇
2021-06-20T01:14:24-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#eymhvia)
Honestly, probably not directly, but that's mostly because of my weird environment. I'd love to see it as a reference!
2021-06-18T22:32:33-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
First pass at sticking my twtxt in a web page. It's not escaping all the html properly, and generally needs work, but it's a start: http://a.9srv.net/tw/following.html
2021-06-18T07:43:19-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
My toddler just figured out "hey Siri".
2021-06-17T13:29:10-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#whcybdq)
i'm not really advocating that anybody should be on *more* networks, but FWIW libera.chat has been very nice, the staff has been doing a great job, and it's the nearest "spiritual successor" to what we all liked about Freenode.
2021-06-16T16:20:53-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#ciwsjga)
Yes, this all matches my experience as someone connected to "classic" Freenode, right up until they killed the server (after the last step that page describes).
2021-06-15T21:14:48-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Sumeet Agarwal solves an Advent problem with Mu: http://akkartik.github.io/mu/html/linux/advent2017/1a.mu.html
2021-06-15T20:56:53-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#ciwsjga)
You've basically already left, whether you know it or not. Yesterday they nuked their services database. I'd been there ~20 years, but it's dead. Libera.chat has been lovely.
2021-06-15T18:13:05Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
2021-06-15T15:01:23-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
[20:22:00] -tower.freenode.net- Server Terminating. Received SIGTERM
2021-06-13T17:46:35-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#nj3rtxa)
Entirely sensible, & no reason for file storage to match the wire format. I'm just really curious what's going on on macOS! I can test on hfs+ later.
2021-06-12T17:07:35-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#nj3rtxa)
macOS doesn't care, at least on apfs; just tested. How are you hitting this?
2021-06-12T09:06:10-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#nj3rtxa)
Why can't you have : in file names? What file system is this?
2021-06-12T09:01:01Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt — (#ruhsuaq)
Also it seem that I need to fix the the change to sommer time in phpub2twtxt...
2021-06-12T08:04:22Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
How does twtxt handle . instead of : in datetime stamp? (back to using : )
2021-06-12T08:02:22Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
Seem to have fixed the seperation of text and images in twtxt post by using `>>` as was to make `< p >` and use it for a css grid
2021-06-12T08.03.22Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
How does twtxt handle . instead of : in datetime stamp?
2021-06-09T22:52:22-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Live-coding Fizzbuzz on the Mu computer's prototyping environment: https://archive.org/details/akkartik-mu-2021-06-09
2021-06-08T21:43:54-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Fixed another bug in my finger client: rfc1288 says lines have to end with crlf, but I was just sending lf.
2021-06-06T15:37:55-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#jwzkdea)
Indeed! I think the first "network protocol client" I ever wrote was something that just did the PING/PONG part and passed everything else raw.
2021-06-06T08:06:27-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Looking at raw IRC traffic streams to debug a client issue and it's 1997 again.
2021-05-28T13:02:14-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Fixed a bug. Found a new bug in yesterday's work. Fixed that bug.
2021-05-17T23:56:57-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
New video riffing on some ideas for doing more with animation in debuggers: https://archive.org/details/akkartik-mu-2021-05-17
2021-05-17T15:29:03-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Plan 9 got three slots in GSoC; we'll be working on an updated Japanese input method, updating edwood, and getting Oauth2 support. 🎉🐇
2021-05-15T18:42:36-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
My computer now prints a call stack when it crashes: https://merveilles.town/@akkartik/106239831225295745
2021-05-14T12:56:16-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
“Remember: the internet didn't have to be like this. A better world is possible.” I love this. telnet issue1.anewsession.com
2021-05-11T06:39:18-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#qao7fha)
Unrelated: my first response shows a rendering bug on your site: it's dropping a backslash. Hard to mix markdown and genuine plain text.
2021-05-11T06:36:09-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#qao7fha)
For sure. The pi progresses normally until it prints that it's initializing the keyboard, at which point the keyboard spends ~30 seconds beeping.
2021-05-10T23:28:04-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#qao7fha)
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It's a funky mechanical thing running QMK, but I have two others that fit that description which don't behave like this.
2021-05-10T14:14:32-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
I just timed it: 59 seconds for my Raspberry Pi to boot, 33 of which is waiting for my keyboard firmware to initialize. That's just absurd.
2021-05-09T12:38:31-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Don't called them signed ints and unsigned ints. Call them ints and addresses. https://merveilles.town/@akkartik/106206878251648806
2021-05-07T21:29:45-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Lisp macros in the Mu computer: https://merveilles.town/@akkartik/106195814023586904
2021-05-05T19:23:52-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
How computer sandboxing models have evolved over time: https://merveilles.town/@akkartik/106185773783459627
2021-04-29T13:35:29-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
I've published my silly finger implementation: http://txtpunk.com/finger
2021-04-27T23:18:59-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#klffeva)
Then finger is for the straight-up shut-ins.
2021-04-27T23:18:27-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#klffeva)
Or maybe that's old-school twtxt, and twtxt.net is those people who're constantly trying to coax the introverts out. ;-)
2021-04-27T23:13:58-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Pinboard describes itself as "Social bookmarking for introverts". Maybe txtxt is social networking for introverts.
2021-04-22T20:42:06-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Prototyping on the Mu computer, and nudging people to throw the first one away: https://merveilles.town/@akkartik/106112499040193446
2021-04-14T20:59:45-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#xyiy3da)
Good idea. Plan 9 sets $NPROC on boot to the number of cores, so other things can use it. mk will dispatch things in just that way.
2021-04-11T00:36:47-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Distinguishing a program's return value from its side effects: https://merveilles.town/@akkartik/106045532928000526
2021-04-07T21:26:23-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Dynamic linking was a mistake.
2021-04-06T17:54:59-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#2lpzvhq)
Think of it like buying a signed print of a photo, instead of the photo itself, but the "signature" is an entry in a database and that's all you get. Still dumb.
2021-04-06T10:12:24-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Anyone (preferably in the PDX area) have a way to read QIC-80 tapes?
2021-04-05T16:51:47-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Just over a week left to apply to Summer of Code. Plan 9 is in there, and ~200 other good orgs. Go apply and tell students you know. https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/
2021-03-27T08:47:47-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#fwlweuq)
Nobody's saying he can't write code any more (I mean, I think his code is crap and wish he'd stop, but that's another issue). But he should not be on any board, should not be in any leadership position, should not be held up as a role model or even vaguely okay.
2021-03-27T08:45:21-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#fwlweuq)
I can't believe it's controversial to say "somebody with a 30+ year history making women uncomfortable shouldn't be in a leadership position". That's not "cancel culture", it's just friggin' obvious.
2021-03-26T21:36:24-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#fwlweuq)
What a terrible video. "Cancel culture" is not a thing, and when you hear someone complaining about it, 99% of the time they just don't want consequences for bad behavior.
2021-03-24T23:54:42-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#6ecbdxq)
Sure. I think search, if it's going to exist, should be the client's responsibility. But I also value the readability of the raw twtxt file a lot more than y'all do.
2021-03-24T01:03:33-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#gcw2syq)
He's fine with gender-neutral pronouns when he gets to pick them, but insists on policing others'. The open letter calling for his removal has references.
2021-03-24T01:01:25-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#6ecbdxq)
I actually haven't yet, it's just easy enough to manually prepend the subject for now, if I skip the search URL. 🤣 I'll do it properly eventually.
2021-03-24T00:09:21-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#gcw2syq)
This is an awful take. The issue isn't that he's cantankerous and rigid; it's that he's sexist, misogynistic, ableist, transphobic, and has a decades-long history of making women feel unsafe. This isn't "cancel culture", it's "consequences" (as is usually the case with that term).
2021-03-23T23:04:29-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#3jypihq)
Not even a little. So pumped. https://9fans.topicbox.com/groups/9fans/Tf20bce89ef96d4b6-M63f81768e4ffdfa4df402ec5/transfer-of-plan-9-to-the-plan-9-foundation
2021-03-23T16:10:09-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Bell Labs has now transferred Plan 9 to the Plan 9 Foundation, who has in turn re-released all releases under the MIT license. I am *very* excited about this. 🐇🎉
2021-03-22T08:19:25-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
I am very excited for tomorrow.
2021-03-15T20:36:37Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
Playing around with #GLSL #shaders and webcam in #KodeLife ![grid](http://darch.dk/twtxt/kodelife-2021-03-13-18.30.11.png) ![](http://darch.dk/twtxt/kodelife-2021-03-13-18.30.21.png) ![](http://darch.dk/twtxt/kodelife-2021-03-13-18.30.30.png)
2021-03-14T20:02:57-07:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Someone brought us pie for Pi Day. 💯
2021-03-10T08:45:45-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#hd4zrla)
We welcome prospective students to submit their own ideas, but we've got a page full of suggestions: http://p9f.org/wiki/gsoc-2021-ideas/index.html
2021-03-10T08:37:47-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
At some point, for reasons I do not understand, my feed reader replaced cabinporn dot com with freecabinporn dot com, which is *not* the same thing.
2021-03-09T16:17:44-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Plan 9 is GSoC! 🎉🐇 I've missed participating this program. https://9fans.topicbox.com/groups/9fans/Ta35cde1382617430-M32af07f289087f227189b74f/plan-9-in-summer-of-code
2021-03-07T19:35:13Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
Live coding #improviz ![grid](http://darch.dk/twtxt/improviz-2021-03-03-22.22.29.png) ![](http://darch.dk/twtxt/improviz-2021-03-03-22.24.07.png) ![](http://darch.dk/twtxt/improviz-2021-03-03-22.26.16.png) ![](http://darch.dk/twtxt/improviz-2021-03-03-22.28.13.png) ![](http://darch.dk/twtxt/improviz-2021-03-03-22.29.12.png) ![](http://darch.dk/twtxt/improviz-2021-03-03-22.29.28.png) ![](http://darch.dk/twtxt/improviz-2021-03-03-22.30.36.png) ![](http://darch.dk/twtxt/improviz-2021-03-03-22.31.37.png) ![](http://darch.dk/twtxt/improviz-2021-03-03-22.33.31.png) ![](http://darch.dk/twtxt/improviz-2021-03-03-22.35.08.png) ![](http://darch.dk/twtxt/improviz-2021-03-03-22.36.49.png)
2021-03-06T07:25:09-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#fx4xdiq)
@ I am not. :-)
2021-03-05T21:43:18-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#fx4xdiq)
I've got it running on a pair of commercial kvm providers right now (vultr and ramnode). It works on many, but edge cases can cause some issues.
2021-03-05T21:05:09-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#fx4xdiq)
Oh no, so much better than that. Worth checking out.
2021-03-05T20:15:49-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#fx4xdiq)
Hrm, that would've been csh probably, or tcsh if you were lucky. But Plan 9 uses rc, which is so lovely I use it everywhere.
2021-03-05T18:02:58-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#fx4xdiq)
Hey, from my perspective on Plan 9, all these linuxes are the same junk.
2021-03-05T16:26:02-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#fx4xdiq)
Thanks! According to /etc/os-releases, it's Fedora 32.
2021-03-05T09:53:06-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#fx4xdiq)
uname; I have an account. I just don't know how to differentiate linux especially.
2021-03-05T09:40:53-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#fx4xdiq)
@ Some linux; how does one tell which?
2021-03-05T09:06:28-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#prm7aaa)
Plan 9 doesn't really do text-mode pseudo-graphics at all, or even cursor addressing, on philosophical grounds.
2021-03-05T08:39:03-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
This is a good morning. 🚀🐇
2021-02-27T21:17:51-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
I am very excited about this, and it seems like something the twtxt crowd might enjoy: https://anewsession.com/
2021-02-27T13:42:11-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#s5ncraa)
Yup, 1997 to... 2000 or 2001.
2021-02-27T09:47:29-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#ptxp5ca)
Huh. In my feed, there is (correctly) a backslash before that . in the sed command, but twtxt.net is stripping it.
2021-02-27T07:05:24-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#ptxp5ca)
Ah, no; and there we have a good example of finger's poor discoverability! It matches my email address, though: echo a.9srv.net | sed 's/\./@/'
2021-02-26T23:01:29-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#ptxp5ca)
I don't think the pod would have to be large. Even on tilde.club and the like, with a few dozen active users, it adds to the fun.
2021-02-26T22:35:25-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
@ Bug in your profile links: it's repeating a segment. For example, your face tries to get to https://twtxt.net/user/https://twtxt.net/user/prologic/twtxt.txt
2021-02-26T22:09:44-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#ptxp5ca)
No, totally not useful. 🤣 I mean, the finger protocol is pretty trivial, and it'd be fun to add, but doesn't replace anything you're doing.
2021-02-26T22:04:54-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#ptxp5ca)
I like finger, but outside of a shared system, the complete lack of discoverability is pretty fatal.
2021-02-26T22:03:28-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#ptxp5ca)
With the finger server specifically? No idea, it's a toy. I'd honestly forgotten I had it on until someone mentioned finger.farm and I was inspired to poke at it again.
2021-02-26T21:43:19-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
My finger server now includes the last post from tw that doesn't have a subject. 'finger a@9srv.net'
2021-02-26T21:09:30-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
I just made the decision to allow a domain I own to expire. Personal growth is possible!
2021-02-26T19:38:51-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#mxlhmsq)
This was macOS. I don't really use gnu. Of course, it's also not on Plan 9, the system I know best.
2021-02-25T11:04:34-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#mxlhmsq)
I was reading dd(1), where it is mentioned in passing, obliquely. Then stty(1) has more info.
2021-02-25T00:20:29-08:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Drilling into computations in the shell for the Mu computer: https://merveilles.town/@akkartik/105790894303047592
2021-02-24T20:30:42-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
I have been using Unix for 25+ years and I just learned about the status character in shells (often ^T). Huh.
2021-02-21T15:07:32-08:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Mulling switching gears for the Mu shell to a less ambitious Lisp-based language: https://merveilles.town/@akkartik/105771735864653468
2021-02-19T23:04:08-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Fixed the race in tw. Mostly; now it's just while tw/r is running. Close enough.
2021-02-19T19:12:38-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
The GSoC application period is closed, and Plan 9's is in. Now the waiting.
2021-02-19T01:16:13-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Ooo, tw has a race condition between tw/r and pull/mktl, in the case you /r after a new post but before pull & mktl have run. Oops.
2021-02-19T01:12:04-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Plan 9's GSoC application is now in. 🎉
2021-02-15T23:35:27-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
I want read-only iOS client that just does the simplest model: pull a list of feeds, make a timeline.
2021-02-15T23:31:53-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Pushed small updates to tw. Next: make discoverability optional.
2021-02-15T15:06:50-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
@ Saw your oldish note about wanting an offline/async twtxt workflow. Do you have something that works for you? My (very young!) client was designed with that in mind.
2021-02-15T14:11:30-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#v5yaeha)
I agree clients should present things better (part of why I'm writing one!). But that should be additive. There's a reason we're not passing json around.
2021-02-15T14:09:11-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#v5yaeha)
@ Exactly, but that reduces the argument for URLs in the post. The client should figure out how to search based on the hashtag.
2021-02-15T11:15:00-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#yh3bdga)
@ Yup, several. My favorite is RFC 1149, another that's since been implemented. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/April_Fools%27_Day_Request_for_Comments
2021-02-15T00:00:12-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#xo4qava)
@ You may be interested in https://github.com/u-root/u-root (I work with a contributor).
2021-02-14T23:53:29-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#yh3bdga)
@ It was totally an April Fools' joke; the IETF has a bunch of those. But! It has also been implemented. And 418 is my favorite error code.
2021-02-14T20:52:16-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
I'm unclear if I'm going to do the twtxt.net discovery protocol; neither my web server nor Plan 9's default capture agent strings. :-/
2021-02-14T17:57:04-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#v5yaeha)
@ Looks like twtxt.net is already happy with it, so that's good! I'm just going to aim for that.
2021-02-14T15:12:38-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
My silly Plan 9 rc twtxt client now has a web page: http://txtpunk.com/tw/index.html
2021-02-14T15:11:28-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt — (#v5yaeha)
@For example, this should work (no idea if it does).
2021-02-14T15:10:56-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
(#) @Yes, I think tags should just be #foo, and let the client figure out searching if it cares.
2021-02-14T12:57:47-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
(#) @ Yes, I often read the raw messages. But more to the point, the simplicity of the format is the bulk of the appeal.
2021-02-14T12:57:33-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
(#) @ No argument that threading is an improvement. But I think (#hash) does that, and I think figuring out how to search should mostly be up to the client.
2021-02-14T12:57:20-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
(#) I don't have any issue with the (foo) subjects, it's the proliferation of the (foo url) tags. They're just too long and ugly.
2021-02-14T01:25:30-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Hah... my silly twtxt client now has "stories" mode.☺
2021-02-13T23:36:30-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
I don't think I'm implementing twtxt.net-style hashtags (for now?). The "" is bad enough for nicks, but they just make the plain text unreadable.
2021-02-13T23:24:18-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
@ (#) I've just never had it be a rewarding experience.
2021-02-13T23:22:57-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
@ (#) rc, the Plan 9 shell.
2021-02-12T22:57:41-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
I ran fortune for something to stick in a text-centric side project, and it said "You can't build a bomb at 300 baud." which is just about perfect.
2021-02-09T23:52:37-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Announcing the Plan 9 Foundation — http://p9f.org/ — https://9fans.topicbox.com/groups/9fans/T973ff41a99053355/plan-9-foundation
2021-02-09T18:08:31-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Last night I spent about 30 minutes putting together the bare framework for a dumb project I want to do. I'm so excited to work on it, I keep checking the website to see if I've posted anything new.
2021-02-09T00:16:31-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Today, out of the blue, somebody thanked me for some minor tech work I did in 2008. That felt pretty nice.
2021-02-08T18:11:22-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
One of these days I will learn not to argue with the bitcoin bros.
2021-02-05T19:32:38Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
Hi all Berlin Coders and the world
2021-02-02T18:10:26Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
Testing out images in #phpub2twtxt and #picoblog ![i](http://www.darch.dk/twtxt/shadertoy-01.png)![i](http://www.darch.dk/twtxt/shadertoy-02.png)
2021-01-31T19:42:42Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
made a nicely looking render of my twtxt.txt on http://darch.dk/twtxt using #picoblog
2021-01-30T22:57:56-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Started the #gsoc application for Plan 9 yesterday morning; spun up a new cpu server last night; poking at it today. I miss being able to spend more time on this.
2021-01-29T19:58:30Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
Finished hacking #picoblog to show my local time. Next integrate on darch.dk/microblog
2021-01-27T17:37:05Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
Current local time in Copenhagen (CET) 18:37
2021-01-27T17:36:23Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
testing timezone render for #picoblog
2021-01-23T03:19:58-05:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
My daughter grabbed my mouse and started smacking it arouond and managed to do things I didn't know you could do with my WM with a mouse... nor how to undo them.
2021-01-21T20:13:01-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Documentation on i2c devices is so-so. Lots of good documentation on higher-level APIs, but not a lot of "this register does this" stuff.
2021-01-21T20:12:18-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
On the up side: I got my first successful comunication over i2c on Plan 9 on a Raspberry Pi today! Looking forward to playing with that more.
2021-01-21T20:10:31-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
I have ~10 different kinds of USB cables/adaptors, and I can't make the conversion I need.😞
2021-01-21T08:46:52Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
@prologic (#qvykv7a) it seem to work just fine for the most part. http://darch.dk/twtxt.txt for refernce
2021-01-21T08:44:59Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
@prologic (#63ldz2a) @darch Thank you for making twt.social etc:) I don't think I have been this involed in a open source project before.
2021-01-20T21:01:56Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
[Rafa & Timo - "Hello, off-world!"](https://youtu.be/BbOz1XBu8f8) #livecoding #music
2021-01-20T19:55:45Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
changing the timezone encoding in #phpub2twtxt
2021-01-20 — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
19:56:35Z #phpub2twtxt - now with a space instead of T
2021-01-19T23:34:09Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
testing if removing FILTER_SANITIZE_SPECIAL_CHARS from #phpub2twtxt let's me do "quotes"
2021-01-19T23:29:09Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
@prologic (#mzr5scq) let's see if i can reply to the conversation on twtxt.net via phpub2twtxt...
2021-01-19T23:18:33Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
Woohoo, #phpub2twtxt - my php interface for publishing to my selfhosted twtxt.txt is now online at [GitHub](https://github.com/sorenpeter/phpub2twtxt/)
2021-01-19T19:04:58Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
testing 2 #phpub2twtxt
2021-01-19T19:03:14Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
testing error msg #phpub2twtxt
2021-01-19T18:20:11Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
hvordan virker min nye formular for #phpub2twtxt
2021-01-19T11:22:28Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
does #phpub2twtxt work with an index.html intead of index.php ?
2021-01-18T20:50:01Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
how is æøå renderes at twt.net ?
2021-01-18T20:21:50Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
Testing if my #phpub2twtxt is working...
2021-01-18T18:39:29Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
tab efter dato
2021-01-17T20:40:58+01:00 — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
Hej @
2021-01-17T20:40:07+01:00 — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
Hej med mig
2021-01-17T19:09:02+01:00 — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
Hello interwebs
2021-01-17T02:53:16-05:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Thanks to a pointer from Richard Miller, got screen rotation working on my Pi 4s. Makes this absurdly wide display more practical.
2021-01-12T23:39:21-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Wrote a man page for this thing. I miss writing man pages.
2021-01-12T01:40:04-08:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Rendering text on bare-metal x86, with an eye to non-Latin languages: https://merveilles.town/@akkartik/105542032656082045
2021-01-12T00:15:15-05:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Well, my twtxt reader is a bit *too* simple; drops who actually wrote the message before it's printed. 🤦🏻
2021-01-11T23:48:37-08:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Okay, a bit better: it now preserves the author, although it prints a hash right now. Tomorrow's problem.
2021-01-05T00:43:29-05:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Okay, my #twtxt reader works-ish. Need to properly deal with timezones (and, um, maybe do *any* error checking).
2021-01-04T13:50:22-05:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
I have a working model for the reader portion of what I want this twtxt client to do.
2021-01-04T02:34:37-05:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Okay, well, if we're being all txtpunk, I want troff macros for zines.
2021-01-03T22:14:55-05:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Apparently I did something for this like three years ago, and can't find it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
2021-01-03T16:40:12-05:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Hello, world.
2020-12-31T10:49:23-08:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
2020 wrap-up redux, a Wardley Map for Mu: https://merveilles.town/@akkartik/105476276652369571
2020-12-30T10:03:45-08:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
2020 wrap-up: https://merveilles.town/@akkartik/105467785655674076
2020-12-24T10:06:10-08:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Starting to give Mu its own OS: https://merveilles.town/@akkartik/105436432584324552
2020-12-07T00:46:54-08:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
New demo and medium-term plans: https://merveilles.town/@akkartik/105338014257369963
2020-11-12T21:32:22-08:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Visualizing programs with side-effects, such as printing to a screen: https://merveilles.town/@akkartik/105201366581271961
2020-10-27T12:14:20-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
A live-updating postfix shell for the Mu computer: https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/105108305362341204
2020-10-20T23:41:02-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Defining functions in my live-updating structured editor for postfix: https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/105071402581806586
2020-10-03T23:32:57-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
detective story of the day: https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/104975077519600207
2020-10-01T08:35:33Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
ca64xq Trying to hack picoblog.
2020-10-01T08:05:33Z — http://www.darch.dk/twtxt.txt
ac7c64 Welcome to picoblog. For updates and such, visit [https://0xff.nu/picoblog](https://0xff.nu/picoblog).
2020-09-27T00:34:11-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Visualizing postfix functions with named arguments: https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/104935713813872559
2020-09-20T00:50:17-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
New demo, a structured editor for postfix arithmetic: https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/104896128141863951
2020-09-11T01:32:14-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Growing a test-driven text-mode Markdown browser all the way up from machine code: https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/104845344081779025
2020-09-02T21:51:55Z — http://twtxt.xyz/u/Adam24.txt
2020-07-29T22:20:29-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Mu now has a generic stream type: http://akkartik.github.io/mu/html/402stream.mu.html
2020-07-25T22:17:15-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Beginnings of a spreadsheet for trees: https://archive.org/details/akkartik-2min-2020-07-25
2020-07-06T11:16:42-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
A tutorial on Mu the language: https://mastodon.social/web/statuses/104385065026974197
2020-06-18T10:49:17-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Mu now type-checking all function calls: https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/104366226332745069
2020-06-16T00:34:52-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
A calculator app in Mu: https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/104352495147108886
2020-06-07T23:30:23-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
A very-high-level language feature in Mu, in spite of bootstrapping from machine code: https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/104305128661766343
2020-05-28T23:13:19-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
A test app in Mu, and an experience report: https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/104250249472942612
2020-03-16T01:20:09-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Paper on Mu published at the Convivial Computing Salon: http://akkartik.name/akkartik-convivial-20200315.pdf
2020-03-12T01:32:01-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Mu language almost done: https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/103809142727508327. Now to make it safe.
2020-02-10T07:57:22-08:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
past: https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/103635361482232697; future: https://lobste.rs/s/2qzmtr/#c_itzqwm
2020-01-31T19:01:19-08:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Learning the complexity of compilers rather than pretending they're easy: https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/103581348949359372
2020-01-30T00:34:53-08:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Working: factorial function. https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/103571329543801973
2020-01-27T02:40:28-08:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Working: local variables. https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/103554841927344456
2020-01-01T16:12:52-08:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Working: programs with int variables. https://www.reddit.com/r/BarbarianProgramming/comments/eiq5jg
2019-12-30T01:12:40-08:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Update on my safe syntax for machine code: functions can now return results. https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/103395953154615316
2019-11-30T14:29:59-08:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
First function body translated. Still no variable declarations, though. https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/103229216904239835
2019-11-17T23:41:41-08:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Another week, another instruction compiling, more refinements of the code-generator: https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/103157776545612964
2019-11-10T22:33:19-08:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
First baby steps in compiling the Mu memory-safe systems language: empty function; primitive stmt; function call.
2019-10-30T13:15:00-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Mu's translator is growing complex. Lots of book-keeping for entering/exiting scopes: https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/103053133325948545
2019-10-30T08:57:54-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Beginnings of a translator for a memory-safe language: http://akkartik.github.io/mu/html/apps/mu.subx.html. Just empty functions so far.
2019-10-25T17:29:17-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
It's surprisingly hard to do safe, efficient array initialization: https://www.joshmcguigan.com/blog/array-initialization-rust
2019-10-21T17:38:22-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
I've mostly managed to stick to statically allocated arrays so far, but now I need real ASTs. Just leak memory for the first draft.
2019-10-21T17:36:42-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Now that feedback on the design has died down (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=21268252; https://lobste.rs/s/xtxlec), back to hacking.
2019-10-16T00:41:12-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Mu's design is taking on a life of its own: http://akkartik.name/post/mu-2019-1
2019-10-02T09:49:21-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Seems useful to have a set of consistent lexical conventions. # for comments; . for lookup; / for metadata. e.g `cat ~.conf.git.core.pager`
2019-10-02T09:43:12-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
But sometimes you do want a separation between dirs and files. So maybe the file system has both, but also supports treating files as dirs?
2019-10-02T09:42:09-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Thinking about https://zge.us.to/dirconf.html; what if `cat`ing a directory rendered its contents as a structured file?
2019-09-30T23:44:37-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
After various attempts to grep for Tss and whatnot, current plan is to just try to binary-search writes to protected memory in the kernel.
2019-09-30T23:42:55-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Where does https://github.com/ozkl/soso first switch to Ring 3? I want to rip it out and just run everything in Ring 0.
2019-09-20T11:42:54-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
An ergonomic syntax for machine code: numbers, metadata, strings, tests, blocks. https://mastodon.social/@akkartik/102825992961303855
2019-09-18T11:46:30-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
@ The link you posted :p https://wiki.waifu.haus
2019-09-18T01:09:06-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
@ Wow, somebody's reading this! What's up?! Nice site!
2019-09-18T00:58:29-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
This should take a lot less code than an optimizing C compiler. There'll be no optimizer, but lots of room for the programmer to optimize.
2019-09-18T00:56:32-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
(But decent error messages if you screw up your register allocation, try to read a different type from a register than you wrote.)
2019-09-18T00:55:45-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Next stop: a type- and memory-safe compiled language that can occupy C's niche. Manual memory management. AND manual register allocation.
2019-09-18T00:54:47-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
But everything takes too damn long with machine code. Enough fun and games. Resume climbing the ladder of abstraction.
2019-09-18T00:54:17-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
It's taken a year to get here. I want to take a break, do a Lisp interpreter for fun. Just so I can see a computer boot into a Lisp prompt.
2019-09-18T00:49:49-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
But the syntax is nothing more than machine code (with good error messages).
2019-09-18T00:49:06-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
So far I can: create Linux binaries; package them up with a kernel into a bootable image; run it on Qemu or Linode.
2019-09-18T00:45:13-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
about me: I'm building a hobbyist computer. No C (eventually). Lots of tests. Reward curiosity. https://github.com/akkartik/mu#readme
2019-09-16T01:25:05-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
@ Thank you for teaching me about Tauthon!
2019-09-16T01:23:00-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Today I was reminded of it by a long series of steps that began with an invitation from http://tilde.club. Web surfing at its best.
2019-09-16T01:18:43-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
I've always _loved_ the idea of twtxt, but had no idea so many people are using it.
2019-09-16T01:16:26-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
I can't abide Python, so I'm writing these messages using 'echo', for now..
2019-09-16T01:13:07-07:00 — http://akkartik.name/twtxt.txt
Hello world!
2017-11-03T20:29:16-04:00 — http://a.9srv.net/tw.txt
Made something because my head was on sideways all day.